Tim Hall
Committed to regional development, he has served as director of the International
Committee of the local Rotary Club, is a founder of the Puerto Plata Strategic Planning
Office and has served since 1988 as Honorary Consul for Canada on the north coast
of the Dominican Republic.

In 2008, he received the Mayor of Puerto Plata's Distinguished Citizen award in
recognition of his service to the community.
Since moving to the Dominican Republic from
Montreal in 1983 where he worked at the
Montreal Gazette, Tim Hall has enjoyed a varied
career in media, publishing, community and
public relations.

Resident in Puerto Plata for 25 years and a
founding partner of the city's El Faro newspaper,
he currently publishes a web based news
magazine and regional portal, The POP Report,
and operates an eco-retreat catering to
educational and corporate travel groups.

His firm, SGD Inc, provides local support services
to feature film, photography and media projects.