Integracion Juvenil
Dedicated to integrating underprivileged youth into
productive society in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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In the city of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, Integracion Juvenil
was founded in 1978, as a legal non-profit organization to work with
children living on the streets and in the slums, delivering non secular
educational and human development programs that respond to
deficiencies in home environments and in the public education
system, with the objective to integrate unprivileged children into
productive society.

Today, Integracion Juvenil's facilities and programs benefit 200
children on an ongoing basis.

Our Programs
Doņa Ana and how it all started
Doņa Ana Leroux
Though Doņa Ana is no longer with us, her dream
is being carried on. Her hope was to foster a
non-traditional environment of learning and
personal growth for the multitudes of urban youth
in particularly difficult circumstances. Today, 30
years later, Integraciķn Juvenil strives to offer
such an environment for the increasingly
difficult times that produce a lack of adequate
educational and recreational facilities for the youth
of Puerto Plata.

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Integracion Juvenil
A group of concerned
citizens, headed by Doņa
Ana Leroux, founded
Integracion Juvenil ( Youth
Integraction) in Puerto Plata,
Dominican Republic,
October 1978, in order to
create a place away from
the street culture for children
in especially difficult
Integracion Juvenil
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