Integracion Juvenil
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Family Reunification A halfway house for families in distress
has been completed at the IJ Farm and is now awaiting funding.

Medical Clinic A clinic located on the IJ Farm provides our
students with medical and dental services. This program functions
under the direction of another local non-profit, CEPROSH.

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Our facilities
A homeschool for downtown street

An Outreach center located in one of
Puerto Plata's poorest slum.

The IJ Farm. A four-acre complex located
at city outskirts with

- A school
- A medical and dental clinic
- A halfway house for families in crisis
- Land for cultivation and expansion
Integracion Juvenil
Integracion Juvenil
Integracion Juvenil
Integracion Juvenil
Integracion Juvenil
Integracion Juvenil
Integracion Juvenil
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Integracion Juvenil celebrates 30th
Street Kids Puerto Plata’s touristic downtown core is where the
unemployed and unemployable send their children to beg, sell
trinkets or do whatever it takes to make enough for today’s meal.
Often this leads to theft and sexual abuse. Many of these children,
aged six to sixteen, have never set foot in a classroom. Working from
a converted private residence located downtown, IJ motivates
children and their parents to embrace education. The children are
prepared in a home school environment to integrate into the public
school system. There are currently 20 children enrolled in this
Academic Education In conjunction with the Ministry of Education,
the IJ Farm provides formal grade school education for children who
emerge from both our Street Kids and our Barrio Outreach programs.

Trade School  Many of the children we reach are best suited to adopt
a trade as their way of participating in productive society. The IJ Farm
has the facilities and some of the equipment needed to provide youth
with practical training in woodworking, sewing and other manual skills.
These programs are currently in their developmental stages.
Barrio Outreach A small cinder block building located deep inside one of Puerto Plata’s
poorest barrios (slum neighborhood) puts IJ’s social workers in direct contact with families—on
their own turf. The outreach center holds classes for pre- schoolers. The center also hosts a
cooking class for neighborhood women.  While using this tiny facility to maximum capacity, its
most important role is providing a place where our social workers are in direct contact enabling
them to adequately qualify new students and monitor the family situations of enrolled students in
order to provide counseling when necessary.
Integracion Juvenil
Integracion Juvenil
Integracion Juvenil